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Times Family Announcements


Thanks to the efforts of staff and volunteers, Hammond Public Library is indexing family announcements appearing in the Times newspaper. The index includes weddings, anniversaries, and milestone birthdays for area residents. The event date is given, as well as the date of the Times issue where it appeared. Most of the announcements also contain a photo. Marriage and anniversary announcements contain the marriage date as the event date in the index. Birthday announcements will have the birth date as the event date.

The following are the events that are indexed:

The issue date is the date the announcement appeared in the newspaper (not the event date). The actual event date is also included if it was mentioned in the article.

More years will appear as they are indexed.

To obtain a copy of the announcement, come in to the Main Library and view the microfilm, or to obtain by mail print and send your request with a self-addressed stamped envelope and $5.00 per announcement to:

Hammond Public Library
ATTN: Local History Room
564 State Street
Hammond, IN 46320

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