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Computer Classes

Classes are open to teens and adults, and take place in the Computer Lab. Basic classes run 60-90 minutes, and Advanced classes run between 2-2 hours.

The same material is repeated at each session, unless noted otherwise. Registration is necessary for all classes. Please call 219-931-5100, Ext. 345 to register.

Some classes require participants to be familiar with certain computer functions. See description.


Did you get a new tech toy? Want to find out how to access magazines, e-books, audiobooks and more with HPL’s downloadable digital content? Need a demonstration? Not sure how to get started?

Bring your device to a Digital Downloads Open House and our staff will help get you started.

Thurs., July 21 from 10 a.m. to noon


Mouse Basics: Mouse Basics covers introductory terms, when and how to use the mouse buttons as well as tips for working with menus and forms.

No experience needed to attend this class. (no classes during summer)

Internet Basics: Internet Basics reviews the parts of a web browser and shows you how to navigate the Internet whether you are exploring for fun or are searching for specific information.

Familiarity with the mouse and beginner keyboarding skills are required for this class. (no classes during summer)

Email Basics: E-mail Basics gives you hands on practice in an email account where you will learn how to read, organize and send e-mail.

Familiarity with the mouse and beginner keyboarding skills are required for this class. (no classes during summer)

Word Basics: Word Basics introduces you to the basics of Microsoft Word, how to change your document settings, create and edit documents, and choosing save and print options.

Familiarity with the mouse and beginner keyboarding skills are required for this class. (no classes during summer)

ADVANCED CLASSES are offered in our computer lab, designed to sharpen your existing skills. Classes are FREE, but space is limited.

Registration is required. Call 219-931-5100 and ask for Carol Williams or ext. 345 to check availability and to reserve your slot today.

Familiarity with keyboard/mouse and basic word processing is required to attend these sessions.

Word 2 (estimated class time: 2 hours) Improve your documents by learning more about text, spacing, paragraph formatting, borders, bullets and more.

No classes in summer

Word 3 (estimated class time: 2 hours) Go beyond text. We'll focus on working with images and shapes, and touch on text boxes and charts.

No classes in summer

Intro to Excel (estimated class time: 2 hours) Learn your way around Excel, see how easy it is to store, organize and make the most of your information. We’ll review worksheets, cells, data entry, fill options, using formulas, creating functions and more.

No classes in summer

PowerPoint (estimated class time: 2 hours) Create photo slide shows and professional presentations quickly and easily! Learn about design themes, slide layouts, inserting graphics and media clips onto slides, tips to use when making your presentations, & more.

No classes in summer

Letters & Resumes (estimated class time: 60-90 minutes) We’ll discuss the professional way to format a letter, how to create a great cover letter and how to build the best resume for you. Please bring your information and a USB flash drive to save your resume in progress. One copy of your resume may be printed at the end of the session at no charge. Additional copies cost 10 cents per page.

No classes in summer

Hammond Public Library, 564 State Street, Hammond, Indiana 46320, (219) 931-5100