Doubling Clicking & Pop-Ups

Double clicking is when you tap the left mouse button twice very quickly:

Double clicking is used for opening programs or selecting items.

Below is an example of an icon. An icon is a small image that represents a program. Double clicking an icon on your computer will start up that program.


Sometimes during a program you'll get a pop-up message box. Other times, you might be on the Internet and get a pop-up advertisement. Both of these types of pop-ups must be closed. But be careful you don't close the wrong thing! Each program, window or box on the computer has its own button to close it.

To close a pop-up or any other program, go to the upper right corner and click its red button with the "X".

Practice double clicking the icon above. When you successfully double click, a pop-up appears. Practice closing the pop-up box by clicking its red "X" button.